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After Heartbleed, does the web need a transfusion?

Today I joined BBC Radio Merseyside’s Simon Hoban
to discuss Heartbleed, a web security flaw affecting billions of people.

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Scam school

Don’t fall foul of the latest and greatest scams and malware online. Follow some simple tips, take a tool or two and fight back against the bastards.

It's all about the coin

9 killer ways to raise money online

Finding people online to support your good cause is a minefield. But I’ve removed the mines. Go forth, learn, and get cash.

WWW diagram - Tim Berners-Lee

25 years on: WWWhat a day!

Had British hero Tim Berners-Lee taken the advice of his boss, the WWW might never have been won. But he persisted – and changed all our lives forever.

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Even Elvis podcasts

Podcasting for Americans

If you’re interested in starting podcasting for Americans, everything you need to get started is right here. Now get on air and get that show on the road!

Where do I go from here?

Redesigning your website – or business?

I’m positing you want your website redesigned because you need something more. It’s not about the design: it’s about your mind moving in fresh directions…

See like a superhero

How to see success like a superhero

Gradual, slow and minor are words that don’t sit well with business owners. But it’s the tortoise, not the hare, that wins the race. And here’s why…

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