10 for 10 – 358 days of predictably-postured posts!

By my very nature I am one of the most indisciplined people I know. At least, I imagine I am: I’ve never bothered to find out. But I should.

So it got me thinking. With 2010 my official year of Giving Back, I want to make sure that every second of my time is focused and well spent.

I obviously have all the paying gigs to keep up to ensure I can continue to bathe in beer, but if I can just squeeze more productivity out of those other hours of my time that otherwise get thrown to the wolves of lethargy and diversion, I’m pretty sure that I can also unravel more time to get me more cash in the pocket, too.

I’ve always been in awe of people who just seem to be able to allocate almost 24 hours of their day to doing stuff – and actually do it.

To focus myself, I’ve decided to launch a series of blogs called 10 for 10. Every day, 10 things in a blog post.

I’m going to make things nice and simple for the first-ever 10 for 10 and lay down the 10 things I plan to achieve this year. Starting…

  1. Launch our Community Interest Company. We’re both communicators, so we’re going to communicate for a living. Sharing our skills so that others can be better, too. I’m pretty adamant that by working and divesting our talents to the max, we’ll grow as people and our minds, too, will expand which produces a crazily neat circle of benefit.
  2. Finish and work hard on making my client’s website the best it can be in the timeshare and fractional ownership industry. There’s a ton of stuff yet to do but anyone who knows me knows that I’m like a dog with a bone when it comes to projects close to my heart. It’s the journalist in me. I need to get that story. And so I need this to be a story of great success.
  3. Travel. Lots. For months on end. Starting Q2. But at the same time, stay firm and focused on the job at hand of Giving Back. Always. Interestingly it’s travel that burns my candle and so I just know that all my clients will get a better return from me expanding my mind. To them it’s free. To me, it’s about being free. Lord strike me down if I ever return to the employ of another in a 9-5 job…
  4. Love more. I get so wrapped up in my work sometimes that I haplessly ignore what’s going on around me. I’m starkly impassioned by the incredible things that people do and are around me, and I need to get myself more conscious about this stuff. So instead of unduly fretting and getting distracted by things that revolve around a computer all the time, I’m going to take time out to let people know how much they mean to me. And Give Back. I inextricably link my happiness to that of others, so it’s gonna be a swell year all round.
  5. Live more. I sometimes don’t take the risks I should. I know I sure don’t make enough time for mateship. 2010 is all about taking life to the next level. Looking for new stuff, experiencing and affecting. It’s all coming up for DT in ’10. This also means scaring myself more. I don’t watch enough horror movies. This is predominantly accredited to not having a tv.
  6. Finding myself as a writer. When I make the effort, it always comes out nice. I just don’t make the effort enough. This blog will help me.
  7. Becoming the podcaster I always wanted to be. I skirted round this effort last year. Did a few podcasts, worked a few tricks for mates, even tried to give it a shot for clients at Word And Mouth. But it never really got off the ground to the extent I wanted it to. It will. It’s important for me, personally, and it’s important to make 1. and 2. stellar.
  8. Make me proud. I’m a serial self-deprecator. I rarely take credit for things when they go right, yet carry responsibility round like a bomb in a backpack. I’m going to start smiling, walking, eating and talking success. For me, and for me to give others a greater DT.
  9. Motivate. I love getting up and out there and making people whip themselves into a frenzy of action and passion. For themselves and their families. It’s in my core.
  10. Geek it up. CSS and PHP are on the hitlist. WordPress is a mandatory requirement. They are all, united, my biggest challenge. I don’t want to be the next Jobs, Gates, Rose (maybe Charlie, but not Kevin) or Eagle Edwards (he sure looks like a coder and he for sure never was a skier). But I want to be competent. For me, for my clients. For life.

Tomorrow to start the weekend and kick off the year (late, as ever) in fine style I’m going to eulogise on the 10 ways to get organised. It’ll sure be a cathartic experience.



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