Sharing Superheroes, the book – free!

Authoring a book is tremendously hard work, and there’s this natural instinct to expect some kind of payback for the time you have invested into a project of that size and nature.

The thought crossed my mind with Sharing Superheroes. Much of the thinking is new, revolutionary even, and I’ve seen many a title that has commanded a relatively high price with little but plagiarism at its core.

But this is different. The very essence of Sharing Superheroes is about giving everything away, so the theory of me charging to access this information felt a touch hypocritical.

And besides, the chance to amplify to everyone the ideas and principles that powered the creation of this book was too great an opportunity.

I’m really hyped about how Sharing Superheroes has turned out.

I’m delighted that people have already started using #sharingsuperheroes on Twitter to celebrate the web’s finest content curators, creators and concierges.

And I’m equally buzzed that content marketing is finally starting to become part of every marketer’s armoury of strategies necessary to succeed in these times of increased competition and the need to achieve standout through the development of trust, engagement and loyalty.

Sharing Superheroes is for marketers with verve

Though everyone can benefit from the tales and insights contained within Sharing Superheroes, it’s definitely skewed towards the marketing-minded entrepreneur or C-suite hogger who’s keen to break the rules of tradition that have repressed businesses for years.

Sharing Superheroes is for anyone who knows they have a skill, talent or expert knowledge of a niche. It’s for those who don’t really know the power they wield by knowing stuff. And most importantly, it’s for everyone who understands the potential of creating customer communities, the latter day sales forces of all businesses striving for sustainability.

I can’t wait to take this journey with you.

Here’s how it’s going to work

Starting on Monday I’ll be publishing every sections of the book, from the start to the end. I’ll chapterise it so it doesn’t become a burden. If you sign up to my email list, you don’t even need to come back every day – you’ll receive a weekly round-up of what you might have missed, ready for you to devour at your leisure.

Or you can grab the RSS feed and add it to your reader:

It’ll take a while for the book to be shared in its entirety, and I want you to tell me what you think, warts and all, as the practices, tools and resources so important to Sharing Superheroes start to reveal themselves.

  • I want you to be frank – honesty is the true embodiment of the Sharing Superhero, and it has no more relevant a place than here
  • I want you to share your own experiences. If something I’ve written doesn’t correlate with something you’ve already done – and I’m fully expecting that to be the case – then holler and let me know.

It’s so easy to comment – simply click the Comment link at the top right of each article and wax to your heart’s content.

I’d also love you to tell me what the concept of Sharing Superheroes means to you.

And that’s not all

Every month, I’ll choose entirely at random a commenter ┬áto receive an hour’s coaching on the principles of Sharing Superheroes. That’s enough time to start the revolution in your business – and it’s my gift to you for understanding that it’s time for a change, for all of us.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a video I shot in my hotel room where I’ve been staying to escape the internet and complete the book.

It’s grainy as heck, because I just bought a new HD video camera and haven’t had chance to experiment with the settings (Low Light would have been an opportune feature to try – more on that tomorrow).

It’s absolutely watchable, though, and a great teaser as to what you’re going to learn as we move through the book.

One more thing.

When I’m through sharing this book with you at Word And Mouth I’ll publish the tome in its entirety.

It’ll be available in all the eBook formats, and only our subscribers here at Word And Mouth will be offered the chance to download it for the Kindle at no charge.

So it’s really worth getting on board now, so you don’t miss a thing – and enjoy regular updates on how smart marketing and Sharing Superheroes can totally change your business.

Before then I hope to start a radio show based on the book and showcasing all the tools, tricks and tips you need to join the elite ranks of Sharing Superheroes yourself.

Once the book is published it will be moved to a new site – – where I hope to have interviews with all the people featured in this book. A guy’s gotta have dreams, right?

Thank you. If you ever need anything, just drop it in the field below. It appears under any post and let’s you ask me to write other stuff that might help you do better business.

And on that note – have a great day!

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