When the web woke up, everyone experimented.

What ensued was an era of wows. We all flowed through the system like golden ticket holders in Willy Wonka’s river of chocolate.

Some got greedy, and we all know what happened to Augustus Gloop.

And now?

The web has matured. Our attitudes, too. Which is good news for good, and a turning off of the taps for snake oil merchants peddling ‘get rich quick’ schemes for online success.

Because if there’s one thing that’s abundantly clear, it’s that there’s no such thing as rapid revenue growth in the digital channel. The lightbulbs are on.

We’re not for fooling any more.

From the darkness have emerged web-savvy citizens who know what they want, and know it exists. They want you and your services, but they want you to give as much to them as they will give to you.

Like the years it has taken us to get acquainted with the www and all its wonders, it takes time to establish a solid, ethical and trustworthy digital presence.

Making money online is alive and kicking, but now there are rules.

Being genuinely useful, giving first, selling second and building and maintaining lifelong relationships are the new norms.

On this blog I’ll be sharing great examples, solid strategies and case studies to slake your thirst for learning how to make money online.

It’s a long road, but finally there’s a map – and I’m looking forward to us sharing this journey together.

About Dave

What do I bring to the party?

Years of experience in journalism, digital marketing, blogging, podcasting, video shows, social media management, content strategy and team motivation.

If there’s one thing brands need to understand, it’s that they don’t matter. Delight, improvement, these are the words and actions sought among their customer base by the savviest of marketers.

Technology is the greatest facilitator for success we have ever known. But to use it right, we have to be not only true to our customers, but to ourselves.

I’ve amassed a great deal of experience in the social media environment in recent years, alongside my considerable knowledge of digital marketing in all its forms.

Each of the roles in my career has involved customer engagement at a high level.

I’ve created successful communications campaigns targeting every demographic, using both traditional and modern marketing channels.

I believe one of my core strengths is my passion for the power of modern marketing to change behaviours. I’ve written books specifically about social media and how to unleash the personality of business brands and associates to create conversations building profitable relationships.

Among my success stories in this mould was mentoring a highly regarded social media expert in the US, Lori Randall Stradtman (http://social-media-design.com/) to create a compelling series of podcasts which directly resulted in her being hired by John Wiley and Sons to write a book all about internet marketing.

I created my own business focused exclusively on digital marketing and demystifying social media ROI after creating a series of successful global website initiatives and social media strategies for RCI, part of the Wyndham Worldwide family.

In 2009 many business owners across the UK questioned how social media would contribute to their revenues. Using the full range of online marketing channels – from video series, podcasts and Google Hangouts to case studies, blogs and group workshops, I provided the answers.

At the same time to practice what I preached I managed a news website for my previous employer which employed similar techniques to extol the benefits of holiday ownership to the wider hospitality industry. I was able to quadruple visitor numbers and generated dozens of client enquiries from developers keen to create resorts for, or transfer existing properties to, my client’s thousands-strong portfolio.

Tomorrow? It’s today, warmed up.

So let’s make a dent, shall we?