I’m Dave Thackeray and I’m here to help you win at business.

Modern marketing is confusing. Heaven knows it took me years to figure it out.

And while the tools and platforms may change, there are 14 fundamental steps to building a bulletproof business that will never change.

It’s all about people. And all I do is help you get closer to your customer communities, focusing on TEL to sell.

TEL stands for trust, engagement and loyalty. They have to be earned – and my book, Sharing Superheroes, shows you how to do that.

I work for a charity right now. I have no agenda but to help you.

Which is why I’m giving my book – and everything I have learned – away.

More about me

  • I’m a journalist of long standing. I know people.


  • Directed a range of traditional and digital marketing campaigns for a range of multinational organisations.
  • Written two books on building businesses based on a rock-solid foundation of valuable content.
  • As a leading broadcaster in the UK, ambassadored (coming to a Collins dictionary all too soon) the European Podcast Award
  • Hosted a series of web video and radio shows, from a season of podcasts with Fake Steve Jobs and Hollywood scriptwriter Dan Lyons to helming an educational series on creating impactful web video
  • Headed digital strategies for a major charitable trust in the UK leisure industry

Which makes it pretty clear that my strength and passion lies in creating content and making media that changes consumers’ behaviour in the most positive sense.

It’s all good. And it’s all free!

For the time being I’m fully employed so for now I can work with you for free. Whether that means coming up with ideas to revolutionise your business success, or helping you put together a frankly brilliant social media strategy.

Equally if you’re looking for a beyond-enthusiastic presenter or co-host with a proven track record in making people sit up and take notice of your products and services, this might be when fate deals you a winning hand.

Training and coaching is a particular forte of mine. This whole give someone a fish, teach someone to fish analogy is particularly important to me: I can work for you for weeks and months and get the kind of results of which you could previously only have dreamed; or we can grab a day and get your team so entrenched in marketing savvy that the following week you’ll find yourself in a totally clued-up company.

Social media can be a minefield and while we’re all making it up to a large extent as we go along, I do have significant experience in providing Tweeps and Facebook users with the kind of real-time customer service excellence that transitions them from lookers to bookers.

All you need to do is: