… and how to do them right

Freshly plucked from the floor and MRId to detect any lasting effects of Fainting By Landing Page Atrocity syndrome after last week’s incursion, I wanted to show you it ain’t all bad news with an example of landing pages done exceptionally well.

Hubspot turns tricks often – very frequently, in fact – touting its latest eBooks on the topics du jour. Thankfully it hasn’t focused on Pinterest yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

Landing pages, the Hubspot (right) way

Landing pages are used expressly to pitch these eBooks, and because they do it so dog day often, they’ve mastered the art.

So you get a monitor-full of info, teaser bullet points of facts and stats, a nice big image (just one!) showing you the cover of the eBook.

Here’s the thing: All these eBooks are transacted through the currency of your personal data. You can rage your arguments on the value of this information til you’re hoarse, but don’t worry, chicken – Hubspot ain’t gonna double down on you if you give them duff info, kapish?

You get some authenticity, relevancy and legitimacy into the conversation by tag-teaming with a name of prominence in the field you’re showcasing. David Meerman Scott happens to be one of the most inspirational authors in the social media field – check out Newsjacking, his latest, for proof of concept.

You spend less time crafting inelegant prose by the bucketload, instead ploughing your time into a simple, yet effective, image that captures attention and mindshare of authority in the direction of your brand.

And you build up the respect and recognition by being consistent. Consistent in understanding what your customer of the future actually wants, and consistent in delivering unique and value-packed content.

There is little reason Hubspot couldn’t peddle this for baksheesh of the financial kind. But as the good and great know, building relationships is the true road to riches and Hubspot are doing that rather well in this environment. Nothing, agreed, is free – and neither is this; invariably many will leave their actual details in the appropriate fields, and for every eBook, we’re all pushed further down the funnel towards money-customers. It’s poetic.

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about Hubspot. They disrupt and innovate in the marketing space. I’m surprised I have this kind of fondness for a big company, but that’s the feeling they foster in their followers.

So there you have it – landing pages done right. Be:

  • Concise
  • Understanding
  • Valuable
  • Free of yellow highlighter
  • Visually stimulating
  • Consistent
  • Building your list through landing pages – always.

And if you need any more tips on the landing page game (to make sure you don’t repeat the woeful habits we showcased last week), how to write your first eBook, or would simply like to discuss how we can unleash your content marketing superpowers to grow a switched-on customer community – drop us a line.

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