Free car*!

I’ve been away for a few days. In that time I’ve gained a marginal tan and been ripped off by a fiend (no r missing there, I assure you).

But let’s get back to the rub: I’m feeling overexcited in that same moment of afterglow we all get on returning from a magical holiday, and therefore wanted to let you know there’s a free car* waiting for you.

It’s summer, and you want a new ride, right? Something to help you get from A to B quicker, smoother and with an even bigger smile on your face?

So let me explain the theory behind this stupendous offer.

Every day your business makes someone’s year.

Every day you create amazing content, sometimes unwittingly.

These moments and experiences define your company, but more than that, they are times that need to be recorded – whether through customer feedback by asking them to fill in a quick survey, or comment on your blog, or for you to reflect on what’s been learned and offer people advice on how they can do even better based on that scenario you just lived through.

These things are the fuel that spurs on your business’ success.

And that free car*, ripe and ready to be powered by this potent chemical force, is content marketing. You already have the power – now it’s just a question of you making that car take shape with all of your incredible stories and ideas to become the recognised champion of your niche or industry.

I’m guessing if we look at this in another way, Word And Mouth is your friendly neighbourhood mechanic with all the tools to make your shiny new and minty free car run like a Lamborghini.

So next time you’re cruising the information superhighway in your cool new car, and spot a 15 year-old Chevvy coughing its way along, remember to pass on this one tip: They, too, could have a free car* if they only started harvesting the incredible content and experiences that pass through their business’ doors every single day.

Because it’s definitely time we work together to start smartening up our streets.

* You know I’m talking metaphorically, right? Much as I’d love to buy you a sleek, new motor…

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