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Some of you may know I have a weird obsession with microphones, and specifically the noises they capture when you put clever people in front of them.

As a podcaster I enjoy the luxury of talking to fascinating souls and yesterday was one of the highlights.

Which is just as well – because I had waited a LONG TIME (emphasis absolutely necessary) for the pleasure. And it was worth it.

Introducing Gini

Without the inconvenience of being cerebrally challenged by this northern geek boy, Gini Dietrich already has her hands full with Arment Dietrich and her personal business blog

And that’s before we mention her co-authoring with Geoff Livingston a hallowed entrepreneurial tome – Marketing in the Round. And we will mention it on this show, rather a lot, because I think every business owner should buy a copy. It is THAT good.

So listen up, buster… This lady ain’t got time for shirkers…

Forgotten your ears?

Here’s a little taster of the kind of things I asked. You’ll have to press the bloody Play button if you want the eminently more rational responses.

Marketing in the Round provides us business owners with a radical shakeup of how we address the new world of marketing. As much applicable to the little guy in the shop as the big brand on the boulevard.  Sum the whole concept up for me, Gini, so I don’t have to pretend I read the book any more.

In the main I loathe business books because they’re pompous and descriptive, but yours is prescriptive and transformative. I urge everyone with an accountant to go get this book and kill the competition.

So it’s all hands on deck. All of a sudden, we have to start talking to one another, breaking down walls and removing departmental silos. And at the centre of it all is this shiny new old thing called the web.

Seems like most marketing isn’t even done by us any more – it’s the customer that’s in charge and it’s not only our marketing they control, but our branding, too.

Loved a quote in your book that because of the media mix we consume every day, we now have to absorb references to stuff 20 times before we’re ready to buy – that’s three times more than pre-web times.

I extracted 22 jewels from the book – Kindle Notes. I generally get about five from a book so I know this one’s a keeper.

I was also quite keen on the cover. You don’t get the full effect on Kindle but it’s a big throbbing disc that looks like an invention by Nero out of The Matrix. As much as the cover, what was your inspiration for writing the book?

I can see you’re a fan of Steve Jobs – you mention one of his famous quotes about knowing if you’re right, do it and others will eventually follow. But you also talk about guerilla marketing, the stuff of Richard Branson. And flanking – what’s flanking in a marketing context?

Gotta finish off on the book with social media. You question whether we should continue to measure engagement and influence and instead focus exclusively on metrics directly related to the bottom line. But everyone else seems obsessed by influence. I’m in your camp.

You were on Mitch Joel’s Twisted Image podcast and mentioned a PR gathering where most people were blithely unaware of how or why to measure their clients’ brand reach and reputation using tools as simple as Google Alerts. That was when I first wanted to talk to you – back in about 2007, possibly. Have things improved in the three decades since then? is where I go to dine out on branding and modern day PR issues. What’s your strategy for sourcing images for your blog? That stuff always drives me crazy.

Gini Dietrich and Geoff Livingston
Marketing In The Round
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