Sharing Superheroes: Prologue

Welcome to the start of a new week. A fun week. A very exciting week for me, as we at Word And Mouth launch Sharing Superheroes – the book all about smart content marketing for customer-centric entrepreneurs looking to build better businesses for tomorrow.

I want to quickly explain the premise behind Sharing Superheroes.

It’s clear that today’s best businesses are putting their customers front of mind at every opportunity. That customers don’t just represent the end of the supply chain, but the start of their sales efforts as they are in control of whether that business thrives, merely survives, or simply fades away.

To achieve massive success in word of mouth marketing, companies of today need to focus on creating customer communities to power their tomorrows. To build loyal evangelists by literally, as far as information goes, giving everything away.

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The comments box at the bottom isn’t just there for decoration. Pitch in, be frank, and who knows – you might even get a credit when the book’s published, once we’re through serialising the content here at Word And Mouth. And if you’re feeling brave, why not record a voice message to the right.

If you think your business is a great example of the Sharing Superheroes movement, get in touch with me direct at – let’s talk. I’ve got loads of Sharing Superheroes profiled in the book, but there’s always space for more inspirational businesses just like yours.

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That’s all you need to know for now. Let’s stir the pot, and start the book.

Prologue: Care To Share, Show to Grow – and how Carolla drove me crazy…

The proposed cover for Sharing Superheroes. You like?

I still vividly remember that first podcast I downloaded from the house of the Ace Man, Adam Carolla. Possibly the funniest guy in America, Carolla was kicked off the radio and promptly hit them with the bird by producing the most popular (Guinness Book of Records-accredited) podcast in the world.

Carolla’s growing his network to include car shows and home improvement productions. But it was The Adam Carolla Show, featuring his inside track on the funny about life, that really got me hooked.

There was something about the fact the guy gave away everything about his life that made it feel like I was getting a lot of value, for the price of my time. That Carolla was in some way affecting my life, positively, in a way no book ever could. That he was talking to me directly.

When he recommended the Man Grate, a stainless steel addition to any self-respecting Ace Man protegee’s barbecue grill, I went out and tried to buy it. I failed, because I live in the UK and that was a US-only product at the time, but that’s irrelevant. I’ve been talking to the girlfriend about making a trip to see one of his shows when we head to America later this year – and I’m prepared to travel hundreds of miles just to see him do his stuff live.

A few short years ago I would never have heard of Adam, let alone been able to tune in to his daily shows with celebrities he’s befriended through the years. I certainly wouldn’t have tried to buy products he endorsed, or supported the creation of his new studio using an Amazon affiliate code.

But technology has brought down the barriers and delivered a global village. Technology allows us to share everything. This is not a book about technology, but about the miracles that happen when you vow to show the world what you’re all about, what your business does best – that consequently allows you to do business better.

Get naked

Hundreds of companies are already baring all to give their customers a much-desired insight into what makes their favourite brands tick. Oh yeah, ‘favourite’ – this book was written in British English, so be careful there with references to fags and fannies, trunks and trashcans. You won’t find any insults in this book, so forgive me for being based in the UK and let’s nail this thing together.

What you’re going to learn in this book is how to share, what to share, why to share it and when to maximise all the efforts you’ve put in to content curation and creation. I’m going to save you a lot of time and heartache figuring out the right techniques and how to use all the resources in your arsenal to make things work just right for you.

I wrote this book for the people charged with instituting new, smart marketing strategies for businesses intent on laying the foundations for significant future growth.

You might be wearing a track in the C-suite corridor carpet, your schedule thick with meetings governed by an agenda typically subtitled ‘Where now?’.

You could be the sole trader intent on disrupting your industry sector by showing your peers that it’s not the goods, but the relationship, that determines the sale.

Or you could simply be an onlooker ready to jump ship from the world of the employed to your own boss, wondering how to build a business with baked-in customer-centricity.

It doesn’t matter where your starting point is for this new adventure. Whether you’re a sole trader or global enterprise, Sharing Superheroes know you’re not going to win a relay race without the support of your entire company, for it is they who determine your fate.

There are some tough decisions ahead: Do they have the passion, as well as the obvious prowess, to take your business to the next level of success?

The Sharing Superheroes system is not a quick-win concept: You’re going to have to commit to this and ache to share the mechanics of what makes your business and industry tick if you’re going to emerge triumphant.

But one thing I can tell you is this: Sharing is next to success. Tell more, sell more, is the phrase I befriended while running The Podcast Guy brand. And it did me proud as we helped the UK marketplace understand and embrace the power of web radio in creating meaningful customer relationships through knowledge sharing.

Now it’s going to work wonders for you, too. But first, humour me as I hit you with the Sharing Superheroes pitch…

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