Sharing Superheroes: Southwest Air and State Farm

Southwest Air

Superhero Power: Blogging.

Fisticuffs may ensue with anyone who doesn’t share my extreme excitement about what Southwest Air has done with its ‘everything on show’ approach to knowledge-sharing courtesy of its multimedia blog.

Southwest Air have a reputation as being value-driven, but little was once known about what made the brand tick.

Fast-forward to about, well, now, and the company is taking on the likes of Virgin in an already personality-packed industry with its own web channel packed with blog, radio and video content.

It seems like everyone at Southwest Air wants in on the chance to share their experiences and passions not just for the business, but also the aeronautical industry at large.

State Farm

Superhero Power: P2P marketing and gaining a deeper understanding of what the customer wants and needs.

Let’s get real. Not all relationships start online. If you’re a local businesses, or you have branches in the heart of communities, you can adopt a different tack. Remember Gina the florist who brought joy to her neighbourhood with the decorated bridge?

State Farm have adopted a different tactic that has already brought them invaluable publicity by being there with the information their customers – new, and yet-to-be – need.

I once hallucinated the idea of having ‘learning cafes’ where people could hang out and get a shot of inspiration with their espressos. A sharing schedule would be on the wall, and a bit like a Barcamp or unconference, people could come in, take to the stage, deliver a presentation, and share their knowledge with munchers and drinkers alike.

State Farm has unwittingly gatecrashed my (clearly not original) invention by offering money management classes in its cafe created for that exact purpose.

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