The value in you – and what we do…

It was while I was writing the third chapter of our forthcoming book (giggly excited about this; I may have bored you to tears already about this so please have the mascara replacement session on us) that I realised two very important things:

  1. Elevator pitches are tough. Unless you get your customers to do it for you: Next time, that’s my preferred option
  2. I hadn’t really nailed down ours. That ‘less than 10 word introduction to what Word And Mouth is, does and stands for’.

Conscious of being ruled out of the next series of The Apprentice on that basis, I decided to help unmuddy the waters and explain why I created Word And Mouth.

As a journalist I’ve always worked on finding the story in every situation. Because in every situation, there is a story.

And the same rules apply to businesses. Every business has a story. Every business has thousands of great things to share, from the moment it was conceived on a beermat, to the moment that is now – and beyond.

But let’s face it, running a business is in itself taxing enough. We rarely take pause to reflect on how far we’ve come – and even if we do, it’s but for a moment or two, at town hall meetings or preludes to Christmas parties.

So you leave all that value on the table, and try every single marketing method known to man, oblivious to the relationship-building potential of every thread of information you’ve learned, every product you’ve launched, and each and every experience your business and personal life has presented at your door.

Word And Mouth finds the value in your business and sets your story free to be shared and delivered in such a way that customers can’t resist passing it on.

It’s much more than communications.

The traditional marketing and communications companies will tell people, or give you sales ideas for, what you tell them.

That’s great if you want a one-off transaction with no longevity in the client relationship.

But imagine if you could build a relationship founded on trust, loyalty and engagement Рon being fascinated and intrigued and involved with the brand, rather than merely sold to.

That’s the power of sharing everything. And Word And Mouth unleashes the content in you to make that possible.

For us it’s about discovery, recognising your innate talents and putting them on the world stage. We’re pretty good when it comes to communicating those strengths for you, but we’re also keen on the whole ‘teach a man to fish’ philosophy, too. Because the people who know best about your business, are invariably you and your team.

Word And Mouth builds better businesses. It’s all about the value in you, and creating a strategy founded on sharing the magic that is the DNA of your business, to create those meaningful customer relationships.

That’s the value in you – and a guide to what we do…

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